Live Tour de France Coverage

By request from a reader I did some digging to find sites with live Tour de France coverage. I plan to make multiple posts live so you can get your news here but if you’re looking for more and have a firewall at the office that will allow you to stream video, check these out.

In the United States we get Versus as usual for television. I enjoy Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin although it could be because that’s all I know. Phil really calls the sprints well, my heart rate shoots up like I’m in the mix. Versus also has a streaming feed for your computer if you’re stuck at work.

Cycling News has a great written feed that I use to follow races all the time. You can even follow on your smart phone which I have also done on many an occasion.

I have never used Cycling Fans before they are supposed to have live coverage according to their website.

Finally, Steep Hill TV looks to have links rolled up for every language under the sun so check them out.

I was traveling in Chile last year during the Tour and between Cycling News live feed and ESPN International (Steep Hill has a link) I was able to follow the tour just like I was home with the exception that my Spanish was nowhere near fluent enough to pick up more than the riders names.

2 more days race fans….

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4 Responses to Live Tour de France Coverage

  1. Tim says:

    We also get Phil & Paul doing the coverage in the UK for ITV. They are vastly superior to the commentators on Eurosport!

    I have been reading your previews with interest. I have been doing something similar – this post focuses on the key contenders for the yellow, green and polka dot jerseys, but I am intending to post (hopefully) daily updates as the Tour progresses. I would love to read any comments you have:

    Vive Le Tour!

    • Todd Kinsey says:

      Tim – I’m glad you liked my stuff and I enjoyed yours as well. You certainly put a great deal of research into your article.

      I plan to post my thoughts on the sprinters later this afternoon. Personally I think the king of the mountains is a waste of time because the best climbers are the big GC contenders.

      I also enjoy watching the battle for the best young rider because it gives us a glimpse at the future.



      • Tim says:

        I know what you mean – the KoM competition could easily be renamed the “competition for climbers who aren’t good enough to compete for the GC”.

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