Cancellara wins prologue but Armstrong makes the biggest statement

So what did we learn after today’s prologue? We learned that Fabian Cancellara is the baddest man on the planet when he’s on a time trial bike. I would love to see Cancellara and Armstrong go head-to-head when both are in their prime; it’s always fun to play what if.

Armstrong definitely made a statement to Contador and everyone else, he’s here to WIN! Beating Alberto Contador by 5 seconds had to be a serious psychological blow to the younger Spaniard. Lance put serious time into the other GC contenders and also showed that Team Radio Shack is the dominant team in the tour (Evans and the other GC men should be thankful there’s no Team TT). Here’s how Armstrong compared to the other GC contenders with his Radio Shack teammates thrown in to show their superiority.

Name Team Behind
Armstrong Radio Shack 0
Contador Astana 5
Leipheimer Radio Shack 6
M. Rogers Columbia HTC 13
Brajkovic Radio Shack 13
Kloden Radio Shack 14
Kreuziger Liquigas 16
Evans BMC 17
Sastre Cervelo 32
Wiggins Sky 34
Menchov Rabobank 34
F. Schleck Saxo Bank 35
A. Schleck Saxo Bank 37
Vande Velde Garmin Transitions 38


The next two days should be days for the sprinters and I look for HTC and Garmin to control the peloton to set things up for Cavendish and Farrar. Hopefully the match up will live up to the hype.

It will be interesting to see how Saxo Bank approaches Tuesday’s stage 3. Will they let Cancellara go for the stage win? Or will they have him shepherd the Schleck brothers? Either way I look for Armstrong and his Radio Shack teammates to put at least 30 seconds into them if not more.

Contador, Rogers, and Evans have the power to hang with the onslaught that is sure to come but do they have the tactical savvy to be there? My gut tells me at least one of these guys will be caught out and probably more. I don’t think Contador has any idea of what the pave’ will feel like when they hit it at race pace. It’s one thing to ride the cobbles with your teammates and another with a 200 man peloton.

Another possibility could be Radio Shack possibly forming an alliance with BMC to break things apart. Armstrong and Bruyneel certainly have history with Hincapie and Ochowicz. This could be a way to get Big George a stage win in what may be his last Tour de France.

Personally I feel several of the supposed GC contenders will be shown to be pretenders on Tuesday. The weather forecast for Tuesday looks to be perfect with sunny skies and temperatures around 75 F (24 C) so those that are caught out will have no excuses.


We’ll be logged on early tomorrow with live reports as things happen.

Thanks for reading – Todd

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4 Responses to Cancellara wins prologue but Armstrong makes the biggest statement

  1. tim c says:

    Hey Todd great prologue. Lance had a great ride. I don’t have a clue about the final yellow jersey but I’m with your thinking, Contador will need a mature team to help him and if vinny gets testy alberto will suffer. There are at least 6 real contenders on my list, the Schlek Bros.,Lance, Wiggins, Vander Velde and Alberto, but a lot of great racing and chess is ahead of us. Here’s hoping they all stay safe!

    • Todd Kinsey says:

      It was definately exciting and as a Lance fan, I was pleasantly suprised with his result. He looks very lean compared to last year.

      I agree with you in hoping they all stay safe. I would hate to see someone crash out but you know the riders will be jumpy the next few stages.

      Catch you tomorrow…

  2. Tim says:

    I’m with you, Todd – very surprised at Lance’s strong showing, and very impressed. I wonder if the latest Landis allegations added a little fuel to the fire?

    Levi looked very good too. Cadel wasn’t far off either. Everyone else? Well, Wiggins suffered when his gamble to go early backfired, so his position is a bit false, but everyone else has a bit of work to do. Mind you, 30 seconds could disappear in 1 km when they hit Morzine …

    Tim, I’m not sure about VdV’s chances – remember, he’s still on the way back after his broken clavicle at the Giro. (The guy is SO unlucky with injuries – he had a similar accident at last year’s Giro too, which messed up his Tour.)

    I’ve (finally) posted my prologue review at

  3. James Kendal says:

    Nice post. Lance is definitely leaner than last year and I would think he just a hair over 150 pounds.

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