Team Schleck signs three more riders

Team Schleck signed three more riders: Anders Lund, Martin Mortensen, and Tom Stamsnijder further solidifying their roster and bringing their rider count to 24 which leaves room for one more. Nearly everyone in the cycling world expects this to be Spartacus himself, Fabian Cancellara.

With the addition of Cancellara, the Luxembourg based team certainly appears to be one of the strongest teams in the pro peloton. With a stable of riders that includes:

  • Andy Schleck
  • Frank Schleck
  • Fabian Cancellara (maybe)
  • Jens Voigt
  • Stuart O’Grady
  • Linus Gerdemann
  • Fabian Wegmann
  • Maxime Monfort
  • Daniele Bennati

Andy Schleck will obviously be the team leader in the Tour de France next year which will leave either the Giro or Tour of California for his brother Frank.

The team should also be quite formidable in the classics as well. The way Cancellara rode the other favorites off his wheel last year was nothing short of super-human. The speculation that he had a motor in his bike was laughable but that didn’t stop the commissars from x-raying his bike at Le Tour.

I know we’re eight months away from the world’s biggest race but the early favorite is Andy Schleck.

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