Is Contador using the Landis defense?

The more I think about the absurdity of three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador’s defense, the more laughable it becomes. Does he really expect us to believe that he just happened to eat beef, that was brought in special by his own handlers, and it just happened to contain performance enhancing drugs?

That’s as absurd as Landis telling us that the whiskey he drank the night before his epic stage win mixed with his body chemistry to cause a false positive.

As we know now, Landis was lying through his teeth and went to great lengths and expense to sell his lie.

In the movie Contact, they talk about a theory called Occam’s razor which states “the simplest explanation is more likely the correct one.” Therefore, the more likely scenario in the Contador case is that he took performance enhancing drugs and got caught.

There’s no denying Contador’s talent, however, facing the challenge of Andy Schleck and vastly improved Lance Armstrong may have been enough to create doubts in the Spaniard’s mind and cause him to take the easy road – dope.

Like the Floyd Landis case, I hope I’m wrong because I’m tired of all the doping in my favorite sport. But looking back to the Dauphine, Contador couldn’t even shake Janez Brajkovič which, in my mind, casts even more doubt about his form heading into Le Tour.

The simplest explanation is that Contador doped and cycling has another blemish on its already tarnished image.

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2 Responses to Is Contador using the Landis defense?

  1. expobill says:

    I dont think that amount of beef gave him an edge in the yellow jersey.
    Neither does anyone else, but the UCI!, which has been known for hammering the gauntlet on accused riders. Hopefully he will get a pardon and maybe a small suspension and fine.
    Nice blog, BTW!

    • Todd Kinsey says:

      Expobill – Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to comment. I agree with your take that the amount had little to do with performance enhancement. I read an interesting piece and wish I had bookmarked it that speculated that Contador didn’t use clenbuterol on the off day, he used it in training earlier in the year and received a blood transfusion on the off-day that was taken when he was cycling clenbuterol to get down to race weight. It has received little press but his test sample was high in plastic which is very much in line with receiving a transfusion.

      There’s no arguing he’s the best stage racer in the world and it would be yet another black eye on the sport we both love.



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