Bring on the classics

Fabian Cancellara & the Schleck Brothers at the Team Leopard presentation - Photo: Cycling News/Bettini

Team Leopard’s Madone – Courtesy: Trek Bikes

On Thursday, the Luxembourg based Team Leopard finally revealed their highly anticipated kit design as well as their team issue bikes.

The kits are elegant in their simplicity especially when compared to some of the clownish designs such as Liquigas and Lampre. The simple black and white design with a subtle blue stripe across the chest should be quite easy to pick out of the crowded peloton.

Trek Bikes will be supplying the powerful Leopard team with bikes for the 2011 race season and are one of the title sponsors. A company as innovative as Trek must be chomping at the bit to work with world time trial champion Fabian Cancellara.

I’m ready to watch Spartacus decimate the field on the cobbles of Northern France and Belgium but unfortunately, we still have a few months before we see any races of note.

The UCI is telling us it will be February before any decision is made on the Alberto Contador case. Dead Spin has postulated the best theory I have seen regarding Contador and if it’s true, Contador is likely facing a lengthy suspension, and will probably be stripped of his Tour de France title.

The theory is that Contador didn’t use Clenbuterol during the Tour but that he received a blood transfusion. The reason for this speculation is that Contador’s sample reportedly contains high levels of plastic residue which is normal for someone who has had a transfusion.

Contador’s mistake was using a blood sample that was taken while he was using Clenbuterol to get down to race weight.

It should be interesting to see how the UCI rules in this case because cycling certainly doesn’t need another black eye. I think most people outside of our sport already assume that doping is rampant and unfortunately, I’m beginning to agree.

Bring on the Classics.

Fabian Cancellara & the Schleck Brothers at the Team Leopard presentation - Photo: Cycling News/Bettini

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